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to Maintain Healthy & Happy Employees
The Big Problem in the Workplace

Missing in Action

Employees aren't showing up and the rest of the team suffers, as well as productivity and profits.

Total annual costs related to lost productivity $84 billion.

The lights are on but nobody is home

Showing up to work but failing to be productive and work to their full capacity. 
One of the main causes of presenteeism is poor health.
 Employees who suffer from neck/back pain are 79% more likely to have high presenteeism than employees who do not have neck/back pain.
Posture & Movement

Missing the Mark

Most healthy workplace initiatives fail to address postural and movement correction intervention.
Faulty posture and dysfunctional movement applies to sitting, standing & lifting.
The Workplace Solution
Non-Invitation Price: $1,997
Mentorship Invitation Price: $997 

Guaranteed Until...

You Save: $1,000.00 (50%)
Get Moving
The Need for Addressing Movement
Health is in How You Move
Movement is crucial for a healthy body and mind. But it is important to MOVE WELL before MOVING OFTEN.

Poor posture is more than just something that looks bad, it dictates your health outcomes.
Mom & Dad Were Right!
Sit Up Straight
 MoveWell in the Workplace is the SOLUTION.
Easy Implementation
Step by Step Approach
  • Learn the Lingo: understand Why Movement MATTERS.
  • Assess in Minutes: discover where your employees posture and movement needs attention.  Score between 0-13.
  • Begin Correcting: learn the best protocols to see quick RESULTS.
The MoveWell 3 Self Screen
Measuring Movement
In Under 5 Minutes
The "MoveWell 3 Self-Screen" will enable your staff to take just 5 minutes to discover their "Movement Health Score".

Built in correctives tell them EXACTLY what to do to get moving better and on their road to health.
Progressions Spelled Out
Flowcharted Protocols
Once the dysfunctions are identified, your team can focus on correctives that are right for them.
Recharge & Supercharge Series
Quick and Effective Protocols to Address the Common Problems Associated with:
Sitting, Standing & Lifting
If You Have 5 Min...
You Have Time to Recharge
Non-Invitation Price: $1,997
Mentorship Invitation Price: $997 

Guaranteed Until...

You Save: $1,000.00 (50%)
Transform Your Productivity
Address Posture & Movement
Are you addressing POSTURE in the workplace? 
If not... low productivity, fatigue and injury are brewing in your workforce. 
MOVEMENT; it's more than just walking to the water cooler.  Brief, daily movement fixes reap huge benefits in the long-run.
Did We Mention There is a Certification?
There Is!
When your staff goes through the content of the course, they can demonstrate their competency by taking a brief test.  
When they pass, they will earn "The MoveWell Lifetime Champion" Certification!
What Does This Mean for Your Team & Your Company?
  • Less Injuries
  • Lower Healthcare Costs
  • Less Missed WorkDays
  •  Increased Team Morale
  •  Healthier & Happier Employees
Imagine Having a System like this for your employees...
Find A Doctor In Your Area Now to See If Your Company Qualifies for This Phenomenal Program.
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